The Huddle x Pip Brett Interview – Graziher

The Huddle x Pip Brett Interview

The Huddle x Pip Brett Interview 

Graziher caught up with Pip Brett, Owner of Jumbled + Iglou in Orange to chat all things The Huddle 2020


All photos taken by Clancy Job Photography for the #15 Winter issue of Graziher.


The Huddle, what is it, tell us all the things! 

PIP: "I have been dreaming of this business event for years; a huddle of my favourite inspiring business owners and change-makers in one room. To have them share their tips, tricks and extraordinary tales on what makes a business successful, and what they have done to get to the point that they're at today. You know that feeling when you hear that little pearl of wisdom that stops you in your tracks? That AH-HA moment, the game changing piece of information, the thing you have wanted to hear and needed to hear? THAT is what this event is all about!


Who's involved?  

P: I have called on my FAVOURITE trail-blazers, people who I have met along my business adventure who have inspired me or given me advice that I have found invaluable! We have my bestie Edwina Bartholomew from Sunrise presenting and the day will feature Phoebe Bell from Sage and Clare; Julia Green from Greenhouse Interiors; Grace Brennan - Buy from the Bush; Amy Clarke - Confetti Rebels; Tracy Turnbull - Bundle and Twine; Sophie Hansen - Local is Lovely; Katy Reed - Rolla Bottle; Melissa Robins - The Lot Co; Rebeka Morgan - Build Her Collective; Fashion Designer Briony Marsh and Stevie Dillon from Stevie Says Social. They are all INCREDIBLE!


Who should come? 

P: If you own a business, work for a business, or dream of owning your own business one day - this event is for you! We have had so many people from various industries book which is so fabulous. Accountants, early educators, lawyers, retail store owners, small start-up businesses and even builders! No matter what industry you're from, we guarantee you'll walk away with incredibly valuable advice that you can use for yourself!


Why should they come? 

P: Why shouldn't they!? This event is going to be GAME CHANGING! What could be better than 400 like-minded women coming together in Orange for a day of TOTAL fun and inspiration!? They also get a delicious lunch and a ridiculously amazing goodie bag designed by Rachel Castle, filled to the BRIM with goodies.


What will they get out of it? 

P: We will be covering four main topics including Empowerment and Purpose (how your vibe attracts your tribe), Social Media (all the best tips and tricks to build your community), Product Perfect (how to package up your product or service, collaborations and real business stories) and Retail Experience and Customer Service (how to go the extra mile for your customers both in person or digitally).


What other things are happening the Huddle weekend? 

P: We still have tickets available to our incredible 'Meet the Mentors' Cocktail Party at The Sonic where our own special cocktails from Fizz Fellas will be served along with an EPIC grazing table by Groundstone Cafe. A great opportunity to dress up and celebrate!


What type of outfits does one wear to a Huddle? 

P: We're totally embracing all the amazing colour from iglou, but come dressed in whatever you feel comfortable in!


Any other info people should know about you or the Huddle? 

P: Our $299 early bird tickets end Christmas Day! Get yours now before it goes up.

Tickets are on sale NOW, so get cracking on organising you and your pals – or risk serious FOMO. Tickets are here: The Huddle. 

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