Letters To The Editor – #15 Winter – Graziher

Letters To The Editor – #15 Winter

Letters To The Editor

Photography from Hannah Hacon - Photographer

These Letters to the Editor were published in our #15 Winter issue of Graziher magazine. 


WINNER Dear Graziher,

I just wanted to pen this short letter of gratitude to all the women across Australia for doing what they do every day, and to you, for highlighting it. I am a backpacker from Ireland and I have been here for just over six months now. Almost two months ago, I replied to an ad on GumTree, and ended up on a cattle property outside of Tambo. To say it was a culture shock was an understatement, but I have fallen head over heels in love with the way of life here in the Outback. I am working for a wonderful family who have taught me so much, but what has really struck me is how involved and active Amanda (mother of the family) is. Coming from a country where women in agriculture is mostly administration jobs and ‘helping out’ instead of doing, it has been awesome for me to see a woman take charge. I love reading your publication (several copies of which were handed to me during my first week here) and hearing about all the women out there just like Amanda, who love their land and their cattle, and find the balance between their yard work and their housework on a daily basis. You are all incredible. My time in Tambo is nearly up but I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have worked here. Thank you all for showing me this way of life.

Kate Dullea


Dear Graziher,

Thank you for always being such an inspiring and pleasant read. I come from a very small country town on a cattle property and moved to Brisbane to study nursing. I have recently completed a rural placement in Toowoomba and love the rural nursing setting. Being able to read the stories in your magazine inspire me to go back to the rural areas and undertake my nursing there. Each and every women's story of their commitment to the land and passion to continue to live and raise families on properties even after the devastation of floods, fires and droughts is inspiring and one day I hope to be able to do the same.

Angela Walker


Dear Graziher,

I moved to Melbourne from Canada just over 2 years ago, where I grew up in a small town with much of my teenage summers spent on my family's large cattle ranch. The past two years have been so hard, from feeling displaced in a big city to losing my young cousin who ran the ranch back home in Canada. I picked up your Spring 2018 copy on my way to a holiday last year and instantly felt at home, a connection I hadn't felt since moving to Australia. The amazing women you feature remind and inspire me of life outside the city and your photojournalism transports me to the familiar feeling of rural life that I know so well. I have especially loved the stories from 'Inside the Farm Gate', which are all so relatable and inspiring to share the stories of women we can only hope to be! Thank you for helping this Canadian girl to feel a little less far away from home.
Kind Regards,

Sarah Howe


Dear Graziher team!

First off I would like to thank you for making an awesome magazine! I haven’t come across a magazine like this one. The graziher is such my type of mag, it’s country, about the land, fashion and cooking. But most of all it contains stories on real Aussie farmers that I can relate too. I have continued to read the magazine over and over each week. I still can’t wait till the next mag is out so I can buy it straight away. Thank you thank you thank you! I love it.

Tarni Nottle


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